Ricko Aslanian

ReUse: Works by Richard Aslanian

Born: Worcester, Massachusetts (1959)
Education: Massachusetts College of Art, BFA, Honors in Sculpture (1981)

Artist’s Statement

Each work begins with a found object, usually a discarded item from everyday life such as an old metal sign, a block of wood, or a twisted piece of fencing. These objects have a prior history, existing shapes, and faded color that I react to. A significant part of my creative process involves sanding or using a heat gun to remove old graphics, chipped paint, and rust from these items.

As I work, I remain open to meaning or concepts that emerge as part of the labor-intensive and tactile process of cleaning the objects. The faded text and colors become a layered puzzle and I begin painting and adding to create new life and meaning. After decades as a sign painter, I am drawn to text and often use adhesive vinyl and Japan oil colors in my work.

The works in this series, ReUse, all touch upon personal and human themes of overlooked beauty, finding a second chance, and the synergy between old and new.